Adult Bike Ed

The Department of Transport and Planning has developed a series of adult Bike Ed guides to help make riding safe and easy, no matter what stage you are at in your riding journey. 

If you have never ridden a bike before, start with the Learning to ride section. The guide explains how you can teach yourself to ride—at any age—or help someone else learn to ride. 

The Choosing the right bike for you and Getting started sections have advice on buying a bike and setting yourself up to ride. This includes how to carry things on your bike and even transport children. 

If you are new to riding or returning to riding after a long break, the Getting started sections also includes some riding tips to help build your riding confidence.  

When you are ready for more the Riding know how section contains a wealth of information about how to ride safely and confidently. It applies whether you are on off-street paths and trails or riding on streets with other traffic. It covers five important principles for safe riding and includes practical suggestions to improve your riding skills. 

Check out the Riding with children section if you have little (or not so little) ones. Brush up on the law in Road rules for riding a bike in Victoria. And find out how to choose the best places to ride in the Where to ride section.

The Basic bike maintenance section is a useful plain-language resource if you want to learn more about your bike. It also covers the basics of keeping your bike running smoothly. 

Finally, the Bike riding support section offers suggestions on how to connect with other bike riders, programs, events and organisations to support your riding journey. 

Learning to ride

If you have never learned to ride a bike, it isn’t too late! You can learn to ride a bike at any age. And you don’t need training wheels.

Getting started

You will enjoy riding more if you set yourself up well from the start. 

Choosing the right bike for you

Finding a bike that fits you. Whether you are borrowing or buying a bike, the most important thing is to find one that fits you.

Riding know how

Having some riding know-how will help you ride more safely and confidently. 



Road rules for riding a bike in Victoria

If you ride a bike, there are some rules to follow.

Where to ride

Where you ride depends on why you are riding. 

Basic bike maintenance

You don’t need to understand how your bike works to ride it. 

Riding with children

Riding can be great family fun, either as an outing or a way to get around.

Bike riding support

If you are just starting out or returning to riding, it really helps to ride with others.

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