Cycling road rules review

As part of the Victorian State Government’s Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2016, we’re currently reviewing Victoria’s Cycling Road Rules. 

This review explored ways to:

  • increase awareness of road rules relating to cycling
  • encourage safe and respectful behaviors from all road users
  • better protect bike riders' and other road users' safety.

As part of this review, we:

  • conducted two online surveys to find out how well the public understands existing cycling-related road rules (with 10,500 Victorian responses)
  • examined the latest research, literature and cycling crash statistics
  • interviewed key cycling stakeholders, community interest groups and local councils.

This information was then considered in a report prepared by an independent consultant.

View the independent consultant's Cycling Road Rules Review Summary Report [PDF 313 Kb].

To view the full report, please order a copy at [email protected]

Current project status - August 2016

We've reviewed the recommendations in this report, and discussed, tested and debated them with key stakeholders. An update of where we have got to with our deliberations is provided here:

What happens next?

  • Approved rule amendments to be made ready for legal incorporation by February 2017
  • Special projects progressed on left hand turn and roundabout road rules, bus lane use, riding on footpaths in specific circumstances, and finalisation of VicRoads Worksite Traffic Management Review by December 2016
  • Communications implemented from October 2016.


  • Research begins                            October 2013                  (complete)

  • Road user survey                    June 2014                       (complete)

  • Final Review Report                            March 2015                  (complete)

  • Consultation on recommendations finalised                    February 2016                  (complete)

  • Communication and marketing developed                        September 2016              (in progress)

  • Communication and marketing delivery                           October 2016-June 2017   (not started)

  • Special projects finalised                            December 2016                (in progress)
  • First road rule amendments incorporated into the Act       February 2017                  (in progress)

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