Cycling road rules review

A significant Cycling Road Rules Review was completed in 2015. From that was developed a program of works that is nearing completion. 

This review explored ways to:

  • increase awareness of road rules relating to cycling
  • encourage safe and respectful behaviours from all road users
  • better protect bike riders' and other road users' safety.

As part of this review, we:

  • conducted two online surveys to find out how well the public understands existing cycling-related road rules (with 10,500 Victorian responses)
  • examined the latest research, literature and cycling crash statistics
  • interviewed key cycling stakeholders, community interest groups and local councils.

This information was then considered in a report prepared by an independent consultant.

View the independent consultant's Cycling Road Rules Review Summary Report [PDF 313 Kb].

To view the full report, please order a copy at [email protected].

We've reviewed the recommendations in this report, and discussed, tested and debated them with key stakeholders. Following that a program of work has been undertaken that has resulted in the following projects being implemented.

Project status

Road rules: 

  • 2021: Roundabout, left hand turning vehicles when bicycle riders riding straight ahead, and sharrow use road rule workshops near conclusion.
  • 2019 - 2021:  Left hand turning vehicles when bicycle riders riding straight ahead innovative infrastructure and road rule implications review undertaken and completed.
  • 2019 -2021: Roundabout innovative infrastructure and road rule implications review undertaken and completed.
  • 2019 - 2021: Minimum Passing Distance rules reviewed and implemented.
  • 2019: Bicycle riding on footpath rules reviewed and implemented.
  • 2017 – 20: A review of traffic management requirements for active transport users at work sites has been completed and the Worksite Traffic Management tools produced can be viewed on the Construction Truck and Community Safety web page 
  • 2017: Bicycle rider access to bus lanes road rule review concluded and implemented. and can be viewed here.
  • 2016 – 19: The review of left hand turn road rules led to two observation studies being commissioned from Monash University, looking at left hand turning vehicles and their interaction with bicycle riders at a variety of different intersection types.

Then there were a number of minor amendments made:

  • removal of road rule that says you can only have a bike carrier on your car if it has a bike attached to it and creation of attendant guidance, which can be viewed here - PDF 208 Kb]
  • Turning at an intersection with lights, vehicles must give way to a bicycle rider crossing the road when a bicycle lantern is showing a green light.

Communication and marketing

  • 2018 and 2021: Minimum Passing Distance communications delivered in conjunction with TAC 
  • 2019: Phase III road rule communications delivered 
  • 2018: Phase II road rule communications delivered 
  • 2017: Phase I road rule communications delivered 

Archive newsletters:

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