Snow chains

Read about the rules on fitting snow chains.

What are the rules regarding snow chains? 

Snow chains must be fitted when directed by the authorities in the snow fields. 

The Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2020 outline the following:

The following regulations are revoked -

(a)  Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2009;

(b)  Alpine Resorts (Management) Amendment Regulations 2011.

  1. A person in charge of a vehicle who enters an alpine resort must at all times during the snow season, carry wheel chains suitable to be properly fitted to that vehicle.
  2. Wheel chains mean devices made up of chains in a diamond pattern that are designed to be fitted to wheels of a motor vehicle to increase the directional stability and traction of the wheels of that vehicle on a road affected by snow or ice
  3. An authorised officer may, at any time, for reasons of safety or for the control or protection of an alpine resort, direct a person in charge of a vehicle to ensure that wheel chains are properly fitted to the drive wheels of that vehicle or, in the case of four wheel drive vehicle (includes an all-wheel drive vehicle), to either the front or rear wheels of that vehicle. 
  4. A person in charge of a vehicle entering or in an alpine resort during the snow season must, when directed to do so by an authorised officer under sub-regulation (2), ensure that wheel chains are properly fitted to the vehicle in the manner directed by that officer.

Please note, substantial fines apply for not complying with the rules regarding snow chains.

What should drivers do?

Drivers should carry chains at all times and fit them when directed.

More information

For more information on snow safety, including tips for driving in the snow, visit the Snowsafe website (External link)

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