Speed Zones

At VicRoads we take speed seriously. Whether you drive, ride or walk, the way you use the roads affects both you and those around you.

Speed zones and speed limits are set by teams of specialists who review the roads and how you use them. Traffic engineers and other specialists at VicRoads come together to set appropriate speeds, within statutory guidelines.

Victorian Speed Zone Guidelines provide a framework to help VicRoads make informed, accurate and consistent speed management decisions for Victorian communities. Ours is an evidence based approach, supported by conversations with Victorians about road risks.

Drawing on experience from Australia and around the world, we're embracing new technology and approaches to make our road system safer.  

Speed zones and speed limits are used to:
  • manage higher volumes of traffic efficiently on our freeways
  • look at who is using the road and how roads can be better shared
  • take the condition and history of our roads into consideration
We're setting safe speeds so everyone can have safer and more reliable journeys on the roads they use.

As Victorians, we all have a role to play when it comes to speed. Our responsibility to you is to determine the most appropriate speed and travelling at a safe speed up to the indicated speed limit is yours.

VicRoads provide speed zones:
  • to save lives and reduce the severity of injuries
  • as a tool to aid traffic flow and manage congestion
  • as part of Smart Roads technologies
  • to allow safe shared road use, including walking and cycling
  • and speed limits to help guide drivers to choose the best speed for road conditions, influenced by our Speed Zoning Guidelines

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