Tips & resources for young and new drivers

Plenty of safe driving tips and resources for young and new drivers.


The main things to remember are as follows.

  • Prepare well by getting at least 120 hours of accompanied on-road experience, including during wet weather and at night, before applying for your licence.
  • Choose a safe car.
  • Try to minimise distractions by not driving with friends, or with your mobile phone turned on (even if it is hands-free).
  • Avoid driving at night unless essential or you are accompanied by a driver with several years experience.
  • Avoid driving during the time you would normally be asleep or if you haven’t slept in the last 18 hours.
  • Increase space and following distances. Don’t tailgate – aim to keep a minimum 2 second gap from the vehicle in front.
  • Never exceed the speed limit. It takes longer to stop than you might think. Practice slowing down as the first reaction to a potential hazardous situation.
  • Do not drive after drinking or taking drugs.
  • Anticipate! Continue to develop your hazard recognition skills.
  • Always ensure you and all of your passengers are wearing a seat belt

Learner driver resources

  • The Road to Solo Driving handbook and Leaner Kit provide essential information for you your supervising driver
  • myLearners is our new app and website which helps learners and supervisors work together to form safe driving behaviours and prepare learners for solo driving.
  • The practice learner permit test allows you to practise your permit test as many times as you want. It uses actual questions from the permit test. 
  • Road Smart is our road safety education program delivered through schools for year 10 or equivalent students in Victoria.
  • Register for a free driving lesson for you and your parent or supervising driver through Australian Government-funded program Keys 2 Drive (External link).
  • DriveSmart (External link) is a free program which helps you practice your skills and become a more experienced and safer driver as you work towards getting your probationary licence. It is the perfect partner to getting hands-on experience in a car.

Probationary driver resources

  • The Probationary Kit given to you when you pass your drive test contains rules and information for you and your parents.
  • Saferpplaters (External link) was developed by The Transport Accident Commission (TAC), with the support of VicRoads and the RACV, a campaign to inform parents of the risk and provide them with a range of easy strategies that they can use to improve the safety of their children as probationary drivers.

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