Victoria's Graduated Licensing System

In Victoria, new drivers are introduced to driving through progressive stages of being a learner, a P1 probationary driver, a P2 probationary driver and then a fully licensed driver.

Evaluation of Victoria's Graduated Licensing System

Victoria’s Graduated Licensing System was introduced to improve the safety of young drivers. With more than half a million drivers having graduated through the system over the past 10 years, the Graduated Licensing System has been evaluated and results show it has helped to save many young lives. Download the two page media summary [PDF 836 Kb], the summary evaluation report [PDF 1.28 Mb] or full evaluation report [PDF 2.7Mb]

How the Graduated Licensing System works

Victoria’s graduated licensing system provides a structured transition as a new driver's experience and maturity increases. It helps new drivers to be safer by:

  • preparing learners for solo driving through an extensive supervised learning period
  • testing learners to ensure they can drive safely in everyday traffic
  • protecting probationary drivers by keeping them out of higher risk situations
  • motivating probationary drivers to drive more safely and within the law.

This ensures that new drivers move through the learner permit and the P1 and P2 probationary licence stages to earn their full driver licence without being exposed to high risk driving situations before they are ready.

Key features of the Graduated Licensing System

Key features of Victoria’s graduated licensing system include:

Graduated Licensing System fact sheet [PDF 318 Kb]

Crash risk graph

Graph showing number of Victorian drivers in casualty crashes pre GLS versus post GLS. 

Probationary drivers have more crashes than anyone else using the roads, and car crashes are the number one killer of young people. The graph above shows that the first year of driving on a probationary licence is the most dangerous.

The crash risk graph shows four important points:

  1. You are relatively safe as a learner driver with a supervising driver to help you. This is why Victoria has a long learner driver period and a 120 hour requirement. This is the best time to learn the skills you need to be a safer driver.
  2. The highest crash risk is associated with new P1 drivers. When you start to drive on your probationary licence you’ll have the highest risk of crashing than you will ever have as a driver. This is why Victoria has special requirements for new drivers and a graduated licensing system (GLS).
  3. Your crash risk will go down over the first few years of driving experience, but you will still have a relatively high risk of crashing for those first few years. This is why Victoria has a four year probationary period for most new drivers.
  4. Your risk of crashing will slowly decrease for many years after you get your licence.

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