This page contains information about penalties that apply to e-scooters.


The current value of a penalty unit in Victoria is $192.31. 

Offence Penalty infringement Amount
Ride a non-compliant e-scooter (unregistered motor vehicle) 5 penalty units $962
Ride e-scooter on a footpath 1 penalty unit $192
Ride e-scooter on a road with a speed-limit greater than 60 km per hour 1 penalty unit $192
Ride e-scooter alongside another rider (i.e. riding 2 abreast) 1 penalty unit $192
Ride e-scooter if under 16 years of age 1 penalty unit $192
Exceed speed limit on electric scooter (i.e. 20km/h max) 1.25 penalty units $240
Carry another person on e-scooter 1 penalty unit $192
Consume intoxicating liquor while riding electronic scooter 1.25 penalty units $240
Exceed 0.05 BAC or zero presence for prescribed drugs The same penalty regime that applies to motorists applies to e-scooter riders during the trial.
See drink-driving and drug-driving penalties
Use a handheld mobile phone whilst riding 3 penalty units $577
Failing to wear helmet 1.25 penalty units $240
Fail to obey traffic lights 2.5 penalty units + $481+

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