Motorcycle Safety Levy

Five motorcyclist sitting on their bikes side by side

The Motorcycle Safety Levy is used to improve safety for all motorcycle riders in Victoria. If you ride a motorcycle that is registered in Victoria, you have paid the Motorcycle Safety Levy and it is being used to make your ride safer.

About the Motorcycle Safety Levy

About the Levy, its purpose and investment areas.

Current MSL projects

Find out about projects currently being funded by the Motorcycle Safety Levy.

Completed MSL projects

Find out about projects that have been completed as part of the Motorcycle Safety Levy.

Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel

This panel provides advice to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety on issues relating to motorcycling in Victoria.

Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel membership

This page contains details of the panel and government members of the MECP. 

Motorcycle safety road treatments

The page explains the road treatments typically funded by the Motorcycle Safety Levy.

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