Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly Guide

The Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly Guide provides guidance on designing and maintaining roads so that they better consider the safety needs of motorcyclists.

Through targeted investments in motorcyclist safety, we have seen the number of motorcycle crashes steadily decrease. Except for a slight increase in 2016, fatal and serious injury motorcycle trauma declined between 2015–2019 by 36 per cent, with a 30 per cent reduction in all motorcycle crashes.

However, we cannot afford to be complacent, and the Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly Guide, along with a range of Victorian Government initiatives, aims to continue to improve safety for motorcyclists, reduce road trauma and save lives.

The guide provides up-to-date advice to practitioners and industry professionals to improve the safety of motorcycle riders across our state and builds on the work the Victorian Government is doing to reduce road trauma and save lives.

Included in the guide are examples of different road designs and safety treatments that can be applied to make them motorcycle friendly. This guide helps those who design, build and maintain roads to make evidenced based decisions to create safer roads for motorcyclists.

Using the principles outlined in the guide, the Victorian Government continues to invest in road safety treatments through the Motorcycle Safety Levy and the Safer Roads Program to reduce trauma among motorcyclists.

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