Motorcycle riders and sharing the road

Tips about how motorcycle riders and other road users can share the road safely.

How motorcycle riders can safely share the road with Trucks

Sharing the road is important for everyone. Motorcyclists need to be aware of the risks of riding amongst larger vehicles such as trucks which may not have the same visibility as other vehicles. 

  • Never overtake a turning truck. Trucks are big and need extra room to turn safely.
  • When trucks are turning, they may not be able to see you, so stay back out of their way.
  • Due to their large size, trucks need more than one lane to turn. Please stay back when trucks are turning and be aware truck drivers have different blind spots depending on their size.
  • Never overtake a turning truck on either the left or right side.
  • Be conscious of truck indicators, they may be about to turn.
  • Don’t cut in front of trucks.  Be aware that trucks have long braking distances.
  • Large trucks push a lot of wind and can cause wind shear behind them which may impact your stability on the bike.
  • Try to reduce the time that you are riding next to a truck and move into the furthest wheel track of your lane when overtaking.
  • Never lane filter between two trucks.

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