Motorcycle security

This page has useful tips on parking, securing and purchasing a motorcycle to help guard against theft.

Park wisely

  • When commuting, park in well-lit areas and use designated motorcycle parking areas and anchorage points where possible.
  • Most motorcycles are stolen from residential locations. When at home, try to park out of sight, or behind lockable gates or in a locked garage and, importantly, secure your bike by fastening it to an immovable object or anchorage.
  • Use a motorcycle cover to conceal your bike - few will risk blind theft.

Secure your bike

  • Make sure your motorcycle is insured.
  • Always secure your motorcycle using the steering lock.
  • Also use a manual locking device such as a disc lock, U-Lock or chain and padlock. A high tensile chain and matching security lock through the rear wheel or frame of the bike and secured to railings or a convenient lamp post will deter an opportunistic thief.
  • Invest in a good alarm to go with your lock - don’t let your bike go quietly.
  • Consider installing an engine immobiliser to ensure the bike cannot be ridden away.
  • Be sure to record the motorcycle’s VIN - a 17 digit number that uniquely identifies that bike - so that if your bike does happen to be stolen, you can report it to police. Doing so you will increase the chances of your motorcycle being recovered in the case of it being stolen.

Purchase smartly

  • Be sure to consider security features when purchasing your motorcycle. Ask your dealer what sort of security the manufacturer has adopted to help you make an informed decision. 
  • If buying from a private seller conduct a Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) check to ensure the vehicle is not under finance, or listed as stolen or written-off.  

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