The penalties for illegal use of mobile phones (or other device types) remain same as prior to the commencement of the new rules in March 2023.

Illegal use of a mobile phone (or other device) attracts a $555 fine and four (4) demerit points.  

If the matter is heard at court, the fine for illegal mobile phone/device use can be as much as $1,849.

Learner and probationary drivers will lose their permit / licence if they accumulate more than four (4) demerit points in a year (compared with a full licence holder who cannot accumulate more than 12 in a 3-year period).

Mobile phone and seatbelt detection cameras

In the coming months, mobile phone and seat belt cameras are being introduced in Victoria. The cameras will capture drivers who are holding mobile phones or other devices while driving, as well as drivers and passengers who are not wearing seatbelts, or not wearing them properly. Where the cameras detect a passenger not wearing a seatbelt, only the driver will be issued with an infringement notice for failing to ensure the passenger is wearing a seatbelt. 

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Mobile phone and seatbelt detection cameras (VicGov page)


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