Road Rules Education Online

An online, interactive, and engaging way to brush up on your road rules and educate yourself on safe driving behaviour.

The Road Rules Education Online platform provides all Victorians with current content from courses that our learner drivers must know and understand to get their licence. It is an interactive learning experience, which reinforces understanding of key Victorian road rules and safe driving behaviours.

The Road Rules Education Online platform includes content, graphics, videos, and quizzes on road safety topics such as vehicles, speed and behaviours as well as the Victorian Road Rules around parking, hazardous situations, giving way, road signs, road markings and sharing the road. The platform enables you and your family to progress through road safety topics at your own pace.

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Why should you access the Road Rules Education Online platform?

In 2007, we introduced the Graduated Licencing System (GLS) for new learner drivers. Since its introduction, the GLS has significantly improved safety for young drivers, for those aged 18-20 there has been a 20.3% reduction in their involvement in fatalities and serious injuries.

We’ve made Road Rules Education Online available to all Victorians so that everyone can have access to the best and most recent evidence on road safety issues, understand behaviour expected on the roads and brush up on their road rules.

How can you access the Road Rules Education Online platform?

All Victorians can access Road Rules Education Online on any compatible device, via their myVicRoads account. 

Your progress through the topics and quizzes is saved within the Road Rules Education Online platform to enable people to go in and out of the platform as needed. Progress is not recorded by VicRoads.