A summary of the key road rules when driving or riding with buses in Victoria.

Driving safely around buses

Buses play a vital part of Victoria’s integrated transport system, with over 400 regular bus routes out on the road around the state. 

Imagine seeing a herd of hippos on roller skates in your rearview mirror, you’d give them space wouldn’t you?

Well, a bus can weigh up to 13 hippos, that’s 18 tonnes. So, much like a herd of hippos on roller skates, a bus can’t stop in time if you cross it’s path.

Don’t cut in front of buses. Even near misses can mean disaster for you and those on board.

Share the road. Give buses space. Keep our roads safe.

Giving way to buses

In a built-up area you must give way to a bus that is signalling to pull out from the kerb and is displaying a 'Give Way To Buses' sign.

Sign aleerting drivers to Give way to Buses

Bus lanes

Drivers are not allowed to drive in a bus lane, unless:

  • they are driving for up to 100 metres to enter or leave the road, e.g. to turn at an intersection
  • they are overtaking a vehicle that is turning right or making a U-turn from the centre of the road
  • the information on the bus lane sign shows that other vehicles can use the lane
  • they need to avoid an obstruction, e.g. a broken-down vehicle
  • they are driving a public bus or coach
  • they are riding a bicycle.

Bus lanes are special lanes for public buses. They have bus lane signs at the start of these lanes.

Bus land and bus lane end signs

Parking or stopping in a bus lane

Public buses and taxis are allowed to stop in a bus lane to pick-up or drop-off passengers.

Other drivers may be able to park in part-time bus lanes at certain times. You need to check the bus lane sign and parking signs in the area before parking.

Cyclists in bus lanes

Cyclists can ride in a bus lane unless otherwise signed.

Coaches in bus lanes

Coaches can drive in a bus lane unless otherwise signed. 

A coach is defined as a motor vehicle used to convey passengers for hire or reward or in the course of trade or business which is greater than 9.5 metres in length (excluding any trailer attached to it).

Bus and minibus zones

You cannot park or stop in a bus or minibus zone unless you are a public bus or public minibus.

Bus zone and minibus zone signs


There are penalties for disobeying these rules which include fines and demerit points.

The rules in detail

See our driving with buses video for more information.

The key road rules and reference numbers regarding buses and driving in bus lanes are:

  • 77 - Giving way to Buses 
  • 154 - Bus lanes
  • 158 - Exceptions to driving in special purpose lanes etc.
  • 183 - Stopping in a bus zone

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