A summary of the key road rules for driving on freeways in Victoria.


If you are caught breaking rules relating to freeways you could receive fines and demerit points.

The rules in detail

The key road rules and reference numbers for driving on freeways are:

  • 130 - Keeping to the left on a multi-lane road
  • 148 - Giving way when moving from one marked lane or line of traffic to another marked lane or line of traffic
  • 177 - Stopping on a freeway
  • 178 - Stopping in an emergency stopping lane.

The rules for driving onto a freeway are the same as for changing lanes across a dotted line.

When entering the freeway you must give way to all vehicles already travelling on the freeway.

On some freeway entrances there are traffic lights which control how many vehicles can enter the freeway when traffic is heavy.

These light change quickly. When the light turns green only one vehicle in each lane can enter the freeway.

A transit lane is marked with a transit lane sign.

You can drive in a transit lane:

  • if you are driving a bus, taxi, motorcycle, or tram 
  • if there are two or more people in the vehicle in a T2 transit lane
  • if there are three or more people in the vehicle in a T3 transit lane
  • for up to 100 metres if you need to make a turn.

When driving on any multi-lane road with a speed limit over 80km/h, you must keep out of the right lane unless you are:

  • overtaking 
  • turning right
  • if all lanes are congested.

If the right lane is a transit lane, this rule applies to the lane immediately to the left of the transit lane.

You are not allowed stop on a freeway unless it is an emergency.

If you do need to stop it must be in the emergency lane.

Buses and taxis can sometimes drive in the emergency stopping lane if there is a sign allowing it. At all other times vehicles are not allowed to travel in the emergency stopping lane.

There are lane control devices above the lanes on some freeways.

If the lane control device is showing a red cross, you must not drive in that lane and move to another one.

If the device is showing an arrow pointing down, or a speed limit sign, you can continue driving in that lane and must drive at or below the speed on the sign.

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