Road signs

A summary of the key road rules for road signs.

You will see different types of signs when you are using the roads. They are explained below.


The penalties for failing to obey regulatory signs and signals include fines and demerit points.

The rules in detail

The Victorian road rules are published in Road Safety Road Rules 2017.

The key road rules for following road signs are found in, Part 8 – Traffic signs and road markings.

Regulatory signs tell you what you can and can't do. It is illegal to disobey these signs.

They are usually black and white and sometimes use red to show danger or a limit. Other regulatory signs can be black and yellow.

Examples of regulatory signs are:

  • speed limit signs 
  • stop and give way signs
  • pedestrian crossing signs
  • safety zone signs
  • keep left signs
  • no left or right turn signs
  • left and right turn only signs
  • no entry signs 
  • keep left unless overtaking signs
  • emergency stopping lanes signs
  • one way signs
  • hand held signs (e.g. held by road workers or crossing supervisors).

Warning signs tell you there could be danger ahead. They are usually yellow, diamond-shaped signs with black words or symbols.

If you see these signs you need to get ready to slow down or stop in case there is danger ahead. Unlike regulatory signs they are not giving you instructions that you have to follow.

Examples of warning signs are:

  • advisory speed signs 
  • curves and bends signs 
  • intersection warning signs
  • changing conditions
  • railway level crossings
  • pedestrian signs
  • road work signs.

Guide signs give you information and directions, e.g. distance to the next town, road names or directions.

These signs are there to help drivers. You do not need to follow information on guide signs.

Freeway signs tell you where freeways start and finish.

You do not need to follow information on these signs.

Tourist and service signs tell you about the local area and nearby tourist attractions.

You do not need to follow information on these signs.

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