Trains & level crossings

A summary of the key road rules at train level crossings

A railway level crossing is where a road and a railway cross at the same level. The crossing may have level crossing signs and/or yellow criss-cross lines painted on the road.

Rules for drivers

At level crossings drivers must:

  • obey stop, give way and other signs and signals 
  • keep clear of the train tracks and not enter the crossing unless there is room for your vehicle on the other side of the tracks
  • not stop on an area painted with yellow criss-cross lines.

If a level crossing has gates, booms, or flashing lights, you must not start to cross until the signals have stopped flashing and the gates or booms are fully open.

Always keep tracks clear

Always keep tracks clear, even if you can't see a train. It’s a rule to live by every single day—and it could save your life.

Rules for pedestrians

As a pedestrian you must not cross the train tracks at a level crossing unless you use an area made for pedestrians. If there is no area for pedestrian, you must cross the track within 20 metres of the level crossing.

You must not cross at a level crossing if:

  • warning lights are flashing 
  • warning bells are ringing
  • a gate, boom or barrier is closing
  • a train is approaching or entering the crossing.


The penalties for disobeying the rules at level crossings include fines and demerit points.

The rules in detail

The Victorian road rules are published in Road Safety Road Rules 2009 (External link)

The key road rules and reference numbers regarding level crossings are:

  • 120 - What is a level crossing 
  • 121 - Stopping and giving way at a stop sign at a level crossing
  • 122 - Giving way at a give way sign or give way line at a level crossing
  • 123 - Entering a level crossing when a train or tram is approaching etc.
  • 124 - Leaving a level crossing
  • 175 - Stopping on or near a level crossing
  • 235 - Crossing a level crossing
  • 235A - Crossing a pedestrian level crossing that has a red pedestrian light

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