Passing or overtaking trams video transcript


VO: These videos will take you through some common road rules that you need to know.

VO: Passing or overtaking trams

VO: Trams are a unique part of Melbourne. There are a few rules to remember to safely share the road with trams.

VO: If a tram has stopped at the tram stop, you must not pass it. Stop your car level with the rear of the tram.

VO: You cannot pass the tram while the tram doors on your side of the road are open, or while pedestrians are crossing the road.

VO: Remember pedestrians can appear at the last minute and rush for the tram.

VO: You may only overtake a stopped tram at a tram stop if there are no pedestrians on the road and the doors are closed on your side of the road.

VO: You cannot travel faster than 10 kilometres per hour when passing a stopped tram at the tram stop.

VO: You may come across a tram stop safety zone. These zones are designed to protect the safety of passengers. They are located on the road beside some tram tracks. You must drive at a safe speed to the left of the safety zone.

VO: Before you get in your car and go, these are some common road rules you need to know.

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