A summary of the key road rules when turning.


You must always use your indicators for long enough to warn others that you are making a turn, changing lanes or changing direction.

U turns

You are not allowed to make a U turn on a road if there is:

  • a single continuous line down the centre of the road 
  • double continuous lines down the centre of the road 
  • a 'No right hand turn' sign
  • a ‘no U-turn’ sign.

You are allowed to make a U turn:

  • on other roads 
  • at intersections with traffic lights unless there is ‘no U-turn’ sign.

When making a U-turn you must give way to all other vehicles and pedestrians.

No U Turn sign

Our video will help you to know how to safely perform a U turn.

Be careful when driving in other Australian states. In some cases you are only allowed to do a U turn if there is a sign saying that you can. If travelling interstate, check the road rules for that state before you leave.

Hook turns

You must make a hook turn at intersections that have a ‘Right Turn from Left Only’ hook turn sign.

A hook turn is a right hand turn you make from the left hand lane.

Right turn from left only sign

To do a hook turn you must follow these steps.

  1. Approach and enter the intersection from the far left hand lane and have your right indicator on.
  2. Move forward to the other side of the intersection, keeping as near as possible to the left of the intersection and clear of any pedestrian crossings.
  3. Stay stopped until the traffic lights on the road you are turning into have turned green.
  4. Turn right into the road.

Our video will help you to learn how to perform a hook turn.


There are penalties for disobeying these rules which include fines and demerit points.

The rules in detail

The key road rules and reference numbers regarding for U turns, hook turns and other turns are:

  • 29 - Making a left turn as indicated by a road marking
  • 33 - Making a right turn
  • 34 - Making a hook turn at a hook turn only sign
  • 38 - Giving way when making a U-turn

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