Performing a hook turn video transcript


VO: These videos will take you through some common road rules that you need to know.

VO: Performing a hook turn

VO: There are some unique situations you will come across when driving in Melbourne. Sometimes, if you need to turn right, you will need to perform a hook turn.

VO: Keep an eye out for this sign.

VO: So how does a hook turn work? First, you will need to be in the left hand lane.

VO: Move forward, keeping clear of any marked foot crossing, until your vehicle is as near as possible to the far side of the road.

VO: Remain in this position until you see that the traffic lights on the road you want to enter have changed to green.

VO: Turn right into the road and continue straight ahead.

VO: Before you get in your car and go, these are some common road rules you need to know.

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