New Accessible Parking Permit Scheme

The Accessible Parking Permit (APP) Scheme has recently been updated. 

The new APP Scheme streamlines the application process, making it easier, simpler and more consistent across the state.

Improvements to the Scheme include: 

  • introduction of temporary permits for 6, 12 or 24 months
  • increased permit length from three years to five years for individuals
  • introduction of a permanent disability classification, so reassessments are not required for future permit renewals
  • a new single and secure state-wide permit design that will reduce the misuse of permits
  • the inclusion of occupational therapists as assessors, in addition to GPs
  • better alignment between Victoria with the COAG 2010 Australian Disability Parking Permit Scheme (ADPS)

The new APP Scheme and online system has replaced the previous Victorian Code for the Disabled Persons Parking Scheme and individual council administration systems.  

For more information contact 1300 965 677, email [email protected] or speak to your local council.