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From late 2019, the way applications and renewals are processed for disability parking permits under the Accessibility Parking Permit Scheme will change to a centralised and digitised system that is easier to use, simpler to understand and fairer for all.

What this means for Victorian councils

Victorian councils will continue to administer the scheme, with access to a new, centralised digital portal. The centralised database will help identify duplicate or fraudulent applications. It will also assist with enforcement of permits as councils will now have visibility of permit details from all jurisdictions.

The new permits will use a consistent design and be easily identifiable as eligible and current. Once they have been issued, they will either be sent directly to the permit holder or be made available at an agreed local council.

Applicants will be able to use an online self-assessment tool, which will reduce the volume of inquiries and applications from applicants who are ineligible. The online platform will also provide more information to applicants on how the scheme works, including eligibility and consequences of misuse.

Applying for and renewing permits under the new scheme

The new, centralised online system will be launched with the new scheme. This system will:

  • have 1 form and 1 standardised set of questions for all applicants
  • process renewals using the applicant’s existing permit details
  • Provide an end to end process for applications to be managed between the applicant, medical professional and council. 

Important notes

  • The same permit categories will be offered under the new scheme.
  • All permit holders will be treated as a new applicant when they apply for the first time under the new scheme.
  • Provide an end to end process for applications to be managed between the applicant, medical professional and council.
  • The issuing council will no longer be printed on the permit face as the new system moves to a statewide permit, however the local council will still process and administer permits.
  • For temporary permits: an applicant, who is a local resident, must have an impairment that is expected to last longer than 6 months. Under the new scheme the medical practitioner will have the option to issue a temporary permit for 6 months, 12 months or 2 years.

What we need from Victorian councils

Following consultation with all 79 Victorian councils to determine how each administers the current DPP scheme we are now finalising the operation of the online portal and developing the end-to-end print and distribution model. 

Several Victorian councils have now participated in usability testing to refine the portals operation.  In coming months councils will also be asked to provide feedback on learning materials, communication materials and outcome review processes.

A scheme adoption, training and onboarding plan is currently being developed.

Project communication

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