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From late 2019, the way applications and renewals are processed for disability parking permits under the Accessibility Parking Permit Scheme will change to a centralised and digitised system that is easier to use, simpler to understand and fairer for all.

What this means for medical professionals

The updated scheme will continue to be administered by Victorian councils who will be able to do this through a central digital portal.  

General Practitioners will now be able to complete the application process online. Under new changes, Occupational Therapists will also be able to complete applications on their client’s behalf. 

The new system utilises a one form, and one standardised process, regardless of the council administering the application. The digital application has been based on the Victorian Government form design principles and will only show questions relevant to your patient. 

The updated form will prompt your to respond to objective questions about your patients’ health and mobility. The final outcome of the medical assessment and the application will be managed by the councils. The centralised database will also allow councils to check for duplicate active permits, fraudulent behaviour and misuse issues.

The online application process is also being developed with a self-assessment tool so applicants can check their eligibility prior to deciding whether to commence an application and complete a medical assessment.

Applicants with a permanent disability will only need to obtain an initial medical assessment

Under the new scheme, everyone who applies for a disability parking permit will need to undergo a medical assessment as part of their initial application.
During this assessment, the doctor will record if a person has a permanent mobility impairment. When it is time to renew their permit, those with a permanent mobility impairment will not need to obtain another medical assessment.

Eligibility for temporary disability parking permits

The current scheme’s process will remain the same: an applicant, who is a local resident, must have an impairment that is expected to last longer than 6 months.  Medical practitioners will however be able to select a 6-month, 12-month or 2-year temporary permit.

There’s a new application process for permits

  1. The new centralised system will be used for applications, replacements and renewals by the applicant.
  2.  The applications will be reviewed by your local council to check for duplicates or misuse prior to print and distribution.
  3. The permits will then either be sent directly to the applicant or be made available at an agreed local council office.

The next steps

  • GPs and Occupational Therapists have now completed usability testing of the new system, the results of which are being used to finalise the design of the online portal.
  • We are working with medical and Occupational Therapy peak bodies, as well as disability advocacy and support organisations to develop resources and communications tools to advise people of the upcoming changes to the scheme.
  • Training resources and a training and deployment schedule will then be developed to support the progressive roll out of the online platform and new scheme towards the end of 2019.  

Project communication

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