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From late 2019, the way applications and renewals are processed for disability parking permits under the Accessibility Parking Permit Scheme will change to a centralised and digitised system that is easier to use, simpler to understand and fairer for all.

What permit holders need to know

The same permit categories will be offered under the new scheme. 

  • Until their existing permit requires a renewal, current permits will still be valid. Permit renewal applications will be managed though the new system once the current permit expires.
  • Permit holders will only be issued with 1 permit. It is recognised that it can be challenging to only have 1 permit, especially when having multiple drivers, however, having more than 1 permit creates opportunities for misuse.
  • Applicants with a permanent disability will only need to obtain an initial medical assessment which will be recorded on the system and then used for renewals.
  • When completing their application, the applicant will choose their local council who can then track the status of their application through the online system.

Options for temporary permits of varying duration are still being considered.

Applying for and renewing permits under the new scheme

A new, centralised online system will be launched with the new scheme. This means that there will be 1 form and 1 standardised set of questions for all applicants. A paper form will still be available for those who don’t have access to the internet.

Permit applications will be reviewed by council before being distributed to applicants. They will either be sent directly to the applicant or made available at an agreed local council office.

Renewing will also be done on the online system, using the applicant’s existing permit details.

All permit holders will be treated as if they are applying for the first time when they apply under the new scheme.

The next steps

  • The project team has spoken with Victorian councils about how to complete the online system and move them to the new scheme. 
  • Medical professionals and peak bodies, along with disability advocates and support groups, are being consulted in the lead up to the launch on the best way to alert their members of the changes and what resources will help when using the new online system.
  • The new scheme and online system are scheduled to be progressively rolled out across Victorian councils commencing in late 2019.

Project communication

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