Keeping intersections clear and traffic flowing smoothly

Blocked intersections are not only dangerous but create unnecessary congestion. Keeping intersections clear is an integral part of keeping traffic flowing smoothly on Melbourne’s busy roads. We’re conducting a trial that aims to reduce the instances of blocked intersections.

What is the trial?

Keeping intersections clear is an integral part of keeping traffic flowing smoothly on Melbourne’s busy roads.

To help combat congestion from intersections being blocked, we’re trialling marking a big yellow rectangle across six busy intersections across Melbourne – intersections identified as ones that are regularly blocked, and that increase congestion and reduce safety. Later in the year we’ll also be trialling use of cameras to detect infringements.

Where are the intersections and how will I recognise them?

The six intersections are:

  1. Swan Street/Burnley Street
  2. Monash Freeway/Warrigal Road
  3. High Street/Malvern Road
  4. Williamsons Road/Foote Street
  5. Power Street/Riversdale Road
  6. Mickleham Road/Tullamarine Freeway Interchange 

You will recognise these locations by a large yellow rectangle across the intersection indicating the area that must be kept clear. Prominent signage in conjunction with a large yellow box painted across the intersection and marked with a single X will advise motorists to keep clear of the intersection.

Traffic cameras will be installed at the intersections later in the year.  

Why are we doing it?

How traffic flows through intersections has a significant impact on your trip time and your safety on the road. 

Blocking an intersection is against the law but still happens frequently at intersections in metropolitan Melbourne.

Based on our real time monitoring the blocking of intersections happens primarily during peak times. The trial will collect the data to confirm this pattern. The trial will provide data about the impacts of blocked intersections on traffic flow and inform the feasibility of implementing similar traffic control measures across metropolitan Melbourne.

What is Road Rule 128?

Road Rule 128 says ‘If you don’t have room to drive through the intersection because it is blocked, or the road ahead is blocked, you should not enter an intersection’. 

Vehicles that are stopped or queueing across an intersection cause congestion and gridlock, as well as creating a safety hazard for all road users.  

You could receive a fine of $165 and 3 demerit points if you block an intersection.

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