Road users will have to pay fines if they are caught breaking the road rules.

A notice to pay a fine is called an infringement notice. Infringement notices include:

  • traffic infringement notices
  • parking infringement notices
  • CityLink and EastLink toll notices.

Infringement notices can be:

  • mailed to you (e.g. speed camera offences)
  • handed to you
  • attached to the windscreen of your vehicle.

You should read the infringement notice carefully. If you do not understand the information on the infringement notice or have any questions about it, you should:

  • contact the organisation or agency that gave you the ticket (e.g. Victoria Police, Fines Victoria, local council etc), or
  • seek legal assistance.

Automatic indexation of fees & penalties

Victorian Government Departments and agencies charge:

  • fees for services and regulatory purposes, e.g. licensing and registration
  • fines for breaking laws.

These fines and fees are set and revised by legislation.

In Victoria, each year some fees and fines are automatically increased, or indexed with inflation.

You can download a list of fines and penalties and fees and charges which are automatically indexed.

Visit the Department of Treasury and Finance website (External link) for links to other fees and penalty lists from other Government departments. 

For information about the operation or payment of specific fees or fines, please contact VicRoads

If you break the road rules while you are driving (e.g. speeding, failing to give way, illegally using a mobile phone), you may receive a traffic infringement notice.

For some traffic offences you may also be given demerit points.

If you break the rules for parking you may be given a parking infringement notice.

Parking infringements are usually given by local councils, but can also be given by other authorised enforcement agencies.

You should carefully read the information on the infringement notice to find out:

  • who gave you the infringement notice (e.g. the local council)
  • how to pay your fine.

You need to pay tolls or fees if you want to use a Tollway, such as CityLink (External link) or EastLink (External link).

If you drive on a Tollway and haven't paid the tolls you could receive an invoice or an infringement notice. These are usually sent to you in the mail.

All questions and payments for fines should be made with the relevant Tollway operator.

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