Suspensions and other directions for unpaid fines

If you don’t pay your fines, Fines Victoria can direct VicRoads to impose a suspension against your driver licence, learner permit or vehicle registration. If directed we must apply the suspension to your registration and/or driver licence. 

If you don't pay your fines, Fines Victoria can direct VicRoads to:

  • suspend your driver licence(s)* and vehicle registration(s)
  • refuse to grant a driver licence(s)
  • prevent renewal of a driver licence(s) and vehicle registration(s)
  • prevent the transfer of any vehicle registered in your name; and
  • prevent the transfer or registration of a vehicle into your name

*licence includes learner permit

Visit Fines Victoria(External link) for more information.

Fines Victoria

Applying and removing a suspension and other directions

VicRoads will let you know in writing if your driver licence(s) and/or vehicle registration(s) will be suspended for unpaid fines. The letter will confirm the suspension start date. VicRoads cannot remove a suspension or other directions until Fines Victoria directs us to.

When you've paid the fines, Fines Victoria will direct VicRoads to end your suspension/s and other directions. If you're not sure whether your licence and/or vehicle registration suspension and other directions have ended, you can check by signing up for a myVicRoads account (External link).

What do I do if I have a suspension?

Contact Fines Victoria on 1300 396 851 between 8am and 6pm weekdays, except public holidays or visit Fines Victoria (External link) to make arrangements to pay your fine(s).  

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