Cycling and walking to school

Over the last few months families have been creating some great habits by walking and cycling more.

Walking or riding to school is a great way for kids to keep active and get the recommended one hour of physical activity each day. So, if you can safely cycle or walk to school with your kids. 

Driving around school zones

Keeping our kids safe as they get to and from school is everyone’s responsibility.

As kids come to and from school it’s important for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to be aware and take extra care during these busy times. Even a small reduction in speed could save a child’s life.

To help keep our kids safe, it’s important for drivers to:

  • watch out for pedestrians and be aware that young children can be unpredictable and difficult to see
  • give cyclists plenty of space
  • slow down in school speed zones during school times
  • be extra cautious around schools.

Kids can stay safe by:

  • learning about road safety – resources include Kids on the Move and Bike Ed
  • practicing crossing the road with parents.

School safety strategies

School councils can play their part by developing a Safe to School strategy. See examples of Safe to School strategies.

Primary school messages 

Use the following images in school newsletters and posters.

Secondary school messages

Use the following images for school newsletters and posters.

Brochures for parents and carers

See below for general and customisable road safety brochures to give to parents.

In the customisable version, schools can insert maps of their own surrounding areas.

Visit the Languages section to download the brochure in other languages.

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