Primary school road safety education resources

Road safety education is a lifelong process. To support this, Victoria's Road Safety agencies have developed a number of school based resources, programs and materials to support teachers, students, parents and the wider community to engage with road safety education in and out of the classroom.  You can access these resources here.

VicRoads – Bike ED
The Bike Ed program is an in-school program that provides school students to learn about road rules, riding in a shared environment and safe riding behaviours. It also uses practical lessons to ensure riders have the physical abilities to ride safely and older students to ride independently. Read more about the Bike Ed program.

Year level

Grade 1 to Year Eight


RACV - Road Safety Squad

Year level 

Prep to Year Six


RACV road safety educators are available to visit primary schools to deliver classroom sessions from Prep to Year Six.


Each school visited also receives a teacher guide that includes a range of integrated teaching ideas and activities and curriculum links.

Contact RACV

RACV (03) 9790 2924 or visit the RACV website.

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