Primary school road safety education resources

There are several road safety education programs for primary schools. Kids on the Move is the key resource.

Kids on the Move logoKids on the Move

Year level

Prep to Year 2 and Years 5 and 6


Kids on the Move is the core road safety education resource for primary schools. This resource focuses on children at AusVELS Levels Prep to 2 when they are starting school and establishing learning patterns and at AusVELS Levels 3 to 6 when they transition to secondary school. 

Kids on the Move provides activities for the classroom and for exploring the traffic environment to allow students to gain important practical experience. It promotes learning at home by engaging parents/carers in teaching their children to become safer road users.


The resource comprises three books and a DVD, A Child’s World of Traffic.

You can download the resource from the TAC website 

Sample activities

Sample activity no.1 [PDF 369 Kb]
Sample activity no.2 [PDF 296 Kb]

Images of road signs, crossings and roads

The PowerPoint presentations below include images of road signs, crossings and roads to support the Kids on the Move activities.




Year level

Prep to Year Six


RACV road safety educators are available to visit primary schools to deliver classroom sessions from Prep to Year Six.


Each school visited also receives a teacher guide that includes a range of integrated teaching ideas and activities and curriculum links.

Contact RACV

RACV (03) 9790 2924 or visit the RACV website (External link).

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