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Road Smart is a free road safety education program that helps beginner drivers build safe driving skills and behaviours.  

Young and inexperienced drivers face the greatest risk on our roads. Road crashes continue to be one of the leading causes of death for young people aged 18 to 25. 

By using evidence-based road safety education, we can lay the foundations for safe driving and help reduce road trauma among young people.

Road Smart uses an evidence informed approach to classroom learning and road safety training to reduce young people’s risk as a road user and support them in their foundational stages of learning to drive. 

The program has four components: 

  1. Interactive in-class session
  2. e-learning modules for learner and supervising drivers
  3. In-car session
  4. Teacher resource kit

In-class sessions are delivered at your school, TAFE or eligible community organisation by a trained Road Smart Facilitator. The session can be delivered on-site or online.

Sessions typically run for 60-70 minutes depending on your timetable. The session provides students with a broad understanding of: 

  • Identifying personal risk and strategies to reduce risk
  • Taking a staged approach to learning to drive 
  • The safe system (safer speeds, vehicles, roads and safer people) 
  • The importance of vehicle safety for young drivers.

The myLearners website has helpful information online for beginner drivers and their supervising drivers no matter what stage you are at on your learning to drive journey. 

Visit the site

Students who participate in the in-class session and have a learner permit are eligible for a free driving lesson, to be taken outside of school hours. Supervising drivers are also encouraged to attend to gain valuable coaching skills 

Parent/guardian consent is required for the lesson and is easily acquired via a link we send to you. 

To redeem the free lesson, students must follow the email link sent to them and register with myVicRoads/Road Smart. Email [email protected] for support redeeming your lesson. 

The Road Smart Teacher Resource Toolkit is the core Victorian resource for road safety education in secondary schools aimed at Year 10 or equivalent. This Toolkit is aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and delivered across the Health and Physical Education, Science and Ethics learning areas and capabilities.

The Toolkit will support teachers to extend and reinforce key messages and learning from the Road Smart program through ten interactive lessons. The Toolkit focuses on:

  • the Safe System philosophy 
  • types of road users and how they manage risks
  • rights and responsibilities of different road users
  • personal factors that influence road use, and
  • safer vehicles and their characteristics.

While the Toolkit is designed to be used in conjunction with the other components of Road Smart, it can also be used effectively as a standalone resource.

The Teacher Toolkit consists of 10 easy to follow lessons :

Lesson  1 - Crashes and survival: How speed affects severity [PDF 170 Kb]
Lesson  2 - Saving lives through safety: picking the safest car you can [PDF 645 Kb]
Lesson  3 - Saving lives through safety: vehicle safety features reducing risk [PDF451 Kb]
Lesson  4 - Risky behaviours: managing influences on how we drive [PDF 196 Kb]
Lesson  5 - Confidence and over-confidence: what’s the difference? [PDF 173 Kb]
Lesson  6 - Under pressure: removing stress from learning to drive [PDF 239 Kb]
Lesson  7 - Rights of way: on-road rights and responsibilities (Part 1) [PDF 167 Kb]
Lesson  8 - Rights of way: on-road rights and responsibilities (Part 2) [PDF 172 Kb]
Lesson  9 - Rights of way: on-road rights and responsibilities (Part 3) [PDF 170 Kb] 
Lesson 10 - Rights of way: on-road rights and responsibilities (Part 4) [PDF 184 Kb]

If you have any questions about the program,please contact the Road Smart team at [email protected]

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