Parents and guardians

Is your beginner driver participating in the Road Smart program?

Road Smart provides beginner drivers with the skills they need to become safe drivers. We also have helpful resources for parents and supervisors. Complete the consent form to get started. 

What’s included in Road Smart?

  • An interactive classroom session delivered at your learner’s school
  • A short eLearning module for beginner drivers, which covers safe driving skills and tactics
  • A FREE driving lesson with one of our approved instructors. We encourage supervisors to come along for the lesson, so you can pick-up some tips and tricks for teaching a beginner to drive.
  • Resources for supervising drivers, including an online learning module.

How to redeem the free driving lesson 

  1. Complete the online consent form. An email will be sent to your beginner driver the next business day.
  2. Ask your beginner driver to complete their registration for the Road Smart program.
  3. Once registration is complete, your beginner driver will then have access to the Road Smart eLearning. 
  4. Your learner driver can then redeem their free driving lesson via the online learning platform.

Resources for supervisors

Being a supervising driver can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare. The Road Smart eLearning, provides you with practical information to help build your coaching skills. This free resource provides helpful tips on:

  • teaching a teenager to drive
  • keeping calm and giving constructive feedback
  • planning a process using a staged approach
  • the importance of completing a minimum of 120 hours of quality supervised driving. 

Access eLearning for supervising drivers 

Why the program is important

Young solo drivers have a higher chance of being involved in a fatal accident than any other group of drivers.  

Road Smart helps prepare beginner drivers for solo driving, by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to hit the road safely.

The program also provides helpful resources for supervising drivers, so you can help learners on their journey to safe solo driving.


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