VicRoads and TAC: Working Towards Zero

Towards Zero is a plan to ensure that no one is seriously injured or killed on our roads. The State Government is investing $1.1 billion to achieve fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injury by 15% on Victoria’s roads.

The Safe System Road Infrastructure Program is a partnership between the TAC and VicRoads which is transforming some of Victoria’s most high-risk roads into some of the safest, through vital safety upgrades. 

The program involves improvements to high-risk rural roads across Victoria including:

Safe Roads

Victorians on country roads are losing their lives at a rate 5 times higher than those using city roads. Towards Zero involves the biggest effort ever to make Victorian rural roads safer.

New safety framework on regional roads has been proven to prevent and reduce the severity of the most common types of crashes like:

  • Vehicles leaving the road
  • Head-on collisions
  • Side-impacts at intersections
  • Collisions with pedestrians and cyclists.

Victoria's ten year Road Safety Strategy 2013-2022 is supported by a range of bold initiatives within the first four year action plan. New action includes making our roads and roadsides along some of Victoria's most dangerous roads.

Current and upcoming projects across Victoria include: 

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