e-scooter trials in Victoria

Electric powered scooters (e-scooters) are increasingly being used as a form of transport in major cities around the world, including in Australia. In Victoria, we are seeing many users ride e-scooters on public roads and footpaths despite being illegal to do so, and safety risks are emerging.

e-scooter trial Rules you need to knowWe’re undertaking controlled trials of e-scooters to understand the benefits and risks associated with this new transport technology and to test if these vehicles can safely fit into the state’s transport network longer term. The Victorian Government also recognises that e-scooters can connect the community to public transport and provide a sustainable alternative to short journeys and reduce environmental impacts.

The trial will allow people to hire e-scooters and ride them on bicycle lanes, shared paths and lower speed roads (up to 50km/h) within the participating local government areas. E-scooters will be geofenced by each commercial operator and are not be ridden on footpaths as part of the trial. Only e-scooters supplied by approved operators are permitted for use. 

Private e-scooters will continue to be prohibited on public roads and road related areas. 

The minimum age to ride an e-scooter in the trial is 18 years. You don’t need a licence, but if you do have one, including a learner’s permit, it can be cancelled or suspended if drink or drug driving restrictions are breached and heavy fines can be imposed. 

All riders of trial e-scooters must be under 0.05 BAC (irrespective of the type of motor vehicle licence you may hold or whether you hold a licence at all) and to zero presence for prescribed drugs. 

The trial will be bound by the regulations set out by the Victorian Government which will be enforced by Victoria Police. The trial complements the National Transport Commission’s review into the safe use of personal mobility devices, including subsequent amendments to the Australian Road Rules. 

Significant data will be gathered during the 12-month trial to understand how the vehicles could be safely incorporated into our transport network longer term. 

E-scooter trial offences, penalties and infringements

The current value of a penalty unit in Victoria is $181.74.

E-scooter-specific offences

Offence Penalty infringement Amount
Ride on a road or road related area that is not in an electric scooter use area (i.e. not a participating LGA)   1 penalty unit  $182.00
Ride electric scooter that is not part of a commercially operated share scheme*  1 penalty unit $182.00
Ride electric scooter on a footpath  1 penalty unit  $182.00  
Ride electric scooter on a road with a speed-limit greater than 50 km per hour 1 penalty unit  $182.00   
Ride electric scooter alongside another rider or pedestrian travelling on the road or road related area in the same direction (i.e. must ride single file, or 1 abreast only)  1 penalty unit  $182.00   
Ride electric scooter if under 18 years of age  1 penalty unit  $182.00   
Exceed speed limit on electric scooter (i.e. 20km/h max)  1.25 penalty units   $227.00 
Carry any other person on electric scooter  1 penalty unit   $182.00 
Consume intoxicating liquor while riding electronic scooter  1.25 penalty units  $227.00  
*In addition, riding a private e-scooter on a public road or road related area can also attract an $826 fine for riding an unregistered vehicle (e-scooters can’t be registered).

Bicycle offences that also apply to e-scooters in the trial

Offence Penalty infringement Amount
Failing to wear securely fitted approved bicycle helmet 1.25 penalty units $227.00
Use of handheld mobile phone by rider of electric scooter 3 penalty units $545.00
Leading an animal while riding 1 penalty unit $182.00
Fail to obey traffic lights 2.5 penalty units $363.00+
Fail to obey traffic direction given by police officer or authorised person 2 penalty units $363.00
Fail to keep left 1 penalty unit $182.00
Fail to give way 1 penalty units $182.00
Fail to give signal 1 penalty unit $182.00
Fail to have lights or equipment 1.25 penalty units $227.00
Fail to comply with roundabout requirements  1 penalty unit  $182.00
Fail to obey stop, stop here on red signal or stop here on red arrow sign  2 penalty units  $363.00 
Perform unsafe U-turn  2 penalty units  $363.00

Drug/drink driving penalty regime 

You do not need a driver’s licence or learner permit to ride an e-scooter, however if you are caught riding an e-scooter with a blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05 or above you will:

  • face heavy fines
  • lose any driver licence or learner permit you hold
  • be disqualified from getting a new licence or permit for a minimum period of 6 months (increasing depending on your BAC level and number of prior offences)
  • need to complete a behaviour change program before getting a new driver licence or learner permit
  • only be permitted to drive a motor vehicle which has an alcohol interlock installed for at least 6 months after you get your licence or permit back
  • only be permitted to drive a motor vehicle with a zero BAC for at least 3 years.

Infringement penalties, court fines and disqualification periods scale up depending on a range of factors, including the BAC level and the number of drink-driving or drug-driving offences previously committed. Higher minimum disqualification periods and fines apply for combined drink and drug driving offences.




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