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Find out about our Research and Development Program.

At VicRoads, we recognise that research and development is a valuable tool that helps us understand complex issues and the changing environment we work in. We value ideas and actively seek to develop ideas and knowledge by investing in research.

VicRoads Research Agenda


Enabling integrated transport choices and making journeys pleasant and predictable

By supporting research in this area we aim to:

  • allow trams and buses to move more efficiently
  • enable quicker journeys through a greater understanding of traffic flows
  • allow our customers to make smarter journey choices.


Improving road safety, amenity and environmental outcomes

By supporting research in this area we aim to:

  • reduce the number of serious injury crashes at urban intersections
  • minimise the instances and severity of crashes on rural roads
  • protect our most vulnerable road users from death or serious injury
  • minimise the impact of traffic on social wellbeing
  • implement safe speeds that are right for the road.


Strengthening the economy through better use of roads and connections with land use

By supporting research in this area we aim to:

  • move more freight, more efficiently with less impact
  • ensure efficient investment for access, maintenance & delivery. 

Capability and Capacity

People, leadership, governance, resources, systems and processes that help us deliver better outcomes

By supporting research in this area we aim to:
  • be faster and better at delivering our projects
  • enable expert knowledge to be shared more effectively.

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