Towards Safer Speeds Recipients

Our Towards Safer Speeds Challenge provides one-off grants of up to $50,000 to support the development and implementation of new, creative and innovative approaches to address safer speeds at a community level.

An extension of the Community Road Safety Grants program, the Towards Safer Speeds Challenge aims to boost community road safety in unique and community-focused ways, helping us on our path Towards Zero.

All Towards Safer Speeds Challenge projects will be delivered by 30 December 2019 and will be evaluated for behavioural and attitudinal change at a local community level.

Four projects have been awarded a 2018/2019 Towards Safer Speeds Challenge Grant Program.

They include:

Co-Design - From Top to Bottom: Safer connections for Kiewa and Tangambalanga

Co-Design will facilitate the local community of Tangambalanga to undertake a temporary intervention across town to create a clear town entry point, emphasising key locations such as the commercial district, school and community facilities to define appropriate driving, pedestrian, cyclist and parking behaviours. This project will be supported with a locally relevant campaign led by the community and Co-design.

Ararat Rural City Council - Pomonal Speed Smart Initiative

This project will engage the local community to investigate and implement innovative solutions to change driver behaviour to reduce speed along the Ararat-Halls Gap Road through the township of Pomonal. 

Bike Bendigo - Bike where you live, love where you live: Safer Havlin Street

Bike Bendigo will work creatively with residents, trail users and local community organisations to produce visual cues in the Havlin Street East corridor for drivers to reduce speed. The street environment will be altered to create an environment where walking and cycling are encouraged.  

Mount Evelyn Primary School - STEM Girls Road Safety Community Campaign

Students will work collaboratively with local council and other community organisations to implement a range of activities and treatments to reduce speeding in the local area surrounding the school.


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