Crash statistics

VicRoads provides crash statistics to organisations, researchers and the general public to help with education, research and the development of road safety programs and initiatives. 

Crash data

The following crash datasets are extracts from our Road Crash Information database on DataVic, the Government’s Open Data Portal.

Detailed road crash information data - Victorian fatal and injury road crash datasets based on time, location, conditions, crash type, road user type, and other relevant attributes in CSV format. This information will be updated on a monthly basis but with a 7 month lag in order to provide a comprehensive view of incidents during that time period.

Restricted resources 

Road Crash Information System (RCIS)

Road Crash Information System is an online database providing crash data from Victorian road incidents dating back to 1987. This information is sourced from Victoria Police.

RCIS also provides tools for analysing road crashes in Victoria. This data allows local government based road safety practitioners to better understand some of the key issues about road crashes and to tailor road safety initiatives for local communities.

Access to RCIS is restricted due to the sensitive nature of the data. RCIS is available to state and local government road asset managers. 

To register for RCIS access, please complete the forms below and send them to [email protected].

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