Share the road safely with trucks

Compared to other vehicles on our roads, trucks take longer to stop, need more room to turn, and have large blind spots making it difficult for truck drivers to see other road users nearby.

We’re reminding bicycle, e-scooter and motorcycle riders, and pedestrians about the safe behaviours when sharing the roads with trucks.

We’re also reminding truck drivers to keep checking their mirrors for riders and walkers. 

Follow these tips for a safer journey.

Bicycle, e-scooter and motorcycle riders and pedestrians 

Blind Spots Stay back. Stay safe

  • Trucks and buses have very large blind spots, so always stay back to stay safe.
  • Keep out of a bike box if there is a truck waiting at the front of a traffic queue.

Watch our video to learn more about blind spots.

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Image of turning truck with a motorcycle

  • Trucks are big and need extra room to turn safely.
  • Trucks may need to move to the right in preparation to turn left.
  • Stay back if a truck is turning or changing lanes.  
  • Never overtake a turning truck on the inside or outside.

Beware of the Dog. Truck Dog

  • Trucks may be extra-long.
  • Keep clear when trucks are turning or changing lanes.
  • Watch out for trucks with trailers when crossing the road.

Truck drivers

Blind Spots Drivers, check your mirrors

  • Keep checking your mirrors for riders and walkers.
  • Bicycle, e-scooter, and motorcycle riders and pedestrians may be nearby but hidden in your blind spots.
  • Watch for riders approaching from behind when you prepare to turn left.

More information

For more information to stay safe on our roads go to:

We are also working with the construction industry to help keep riders and pedestrians safe when travelling near worksites and around construction trucks.

Read more about our Construction Trucks and Community Safety Project (in English)

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