Transcript: unsafe2safe - getting unsafe cars off our roads

Video transcript - Unsafe2safe – getting unsafe cars off our roads.


[♪ Background music plays for duration of the video]


[Green modern car travelling on a country road with words unsafe2safe]


[Computer screen and person holding a mobile phone]


On-screen text: Express your interest and we’ll randomly select people for the unsafe2safe subsidy trial.

On-screen text: Participants will receive a letter from VicRoads.


[Young women at car showroom looking at her phone with her old car in the background and salesperson and young person in the car showroom looking at a newer car]  


On-screen text: Take your older, unsafe car to the dealer. The dealer will check both you and your car are eligible.


[Circle pops up with the salesperson checking if the young women is eligible]


[Closeup image of the car showroom with a green modern car with five stars, showing the car has a five star safety rating]


On-screen text: You can check the star rating at


On-screen text: Advanced safety features can help prevent or reduce the severity of crashes.

On-screen text: When shopping for your car look for features such as – auto emergency braking, lane keep assist, electronic stability control and side curtain airbags


[Wallet with dollar notes, coins and credit card]


On-screen text: You pay the difference between the price the dealer is asking and the $5000 subsidy.

On-screen text: The dealer arranges to have your unsafe car taken away.


[Image transitions showing a person’s arm and hand, handing keys to a younger lady]


[Older car is on a tow truck being driven away with a bursting smoke cloud, showing car will be scrapped]


[Older car at auto recyclers yard, where the car gets scrapped. Large pile of rubble and lifting machine moving compacted rubble in the yard]


On-screen text: The unsafe vehicle is scrapped.

On-screen text: Scrapping removes the car from the fleet meaning we don’t transfer the safety risk to another person.


[Person is driving the modern green car with five star rating in the countryside]


On-screen text: Young drivers in Regional Victoria can express their interest to take part in the trial.


On-screen text: Go to and register your interest

Victoria State Government logo

Department of transport

[End of transcript]

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