Children with additional needs

Children with a medical condition or physical disability may have additional needs to travel safely in a vehicle. There is information available to help parents and health care professionals choose the right restraint for these children.

Some children may be exempt from the child restraint road rules. These include children with a medical condition or physical disability.

To qualify for an exemption, certain conditions need to be met such as getting a medical certificate.

Even if a child is exempt, they still need to be safe when travelling in a vehicle. Parents and carers should seek advice from a health professional, such as an occupational therapist, who can help them decide which restraint is best for the child.

The Australian/New Zealand Standard for Restraint of children with disabilities, or medical conditions, in motor vehicles (AS-NZS 4370; 2013) (External link) is available help professionals such as occupational therapists. The standard can help them to assess and recommend the most suitable child restraint for a child with a disability or medical condition, when travelling in a vehicle.

The Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne) together with other organisations, including VicRoads, has established the Transportation of Children and Youth with Additional Needs (TOCAN) partnership. TOCAN provides a regular forum for learning, discussing and solving issues relating to the transportation of children with additional needs.

For more information contact:
Royal Children’s Hospital Safety Centre
Call: (03) 9345 5085
Email: [email protected]

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