ISOFIX compatible child restraints

ISOFIX is a different way to attach a restraint to a vehicle. The child restraint and vehicle needs to have special ISOFIX attachments. The production of ISOFIX compatible child restraints has recently been mandated by the Federal Government and it is expected that ISOFIX compatible child restraints will to be available for purchase in Australia in the coming months.

ISOFIX uses a different way to attach a child restraint to a vehicle which is independent of the vehicle seat belt. 


ISOFIX compatible child restraints are now another option for how child restraints can be fitted to a vehicle and are NOT being provided because of any concerns with the safety of the current range of child restraints.

There is still potential for incorrect use of ISOFIX compatible child restraints, so it is important to take care when fitting and using child restraints, no matter the type. This could be when installing the restraint or when buckling children into their car seat.

Child restraints that use the vehicle seat belt and top tether strap still continue to be available and provide safe options for transporting children.

Under the regulation, child restraints that comply with the 2013, 2010 and 2004 versions of AS/NZS 1754 can be legally supplied.  However, it is important to remember that it is still illegal to use overseas child restraints in Australia. 

To use ISOFIX, your vehicle must have ISOFIX anchorage bars built in to the seats and you must have a compatible child restraint with ISOFIX attachments. Like many other child restraints, ISOFIX child restraints come with a top tether strap which you need to attach to an anchorage point.

If you are unsure whether your vehicle has ISOFIX anchorage bars check your vehicle owner's manual or contact the vehicle manufacturer.

To help you choose the safest child restraint or to find out more about ISOFIX, visit the website (External link).

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