Bicycle network strategies

Bicycle planning is driven by both Australian and Victorian strategies.

National Cycling Strategy

The National Cycling Strategy provides a framework for all levels of government, the community and industry stakeholders, to encourage more people to get on their bicycles and start riding for a better life.

The Australian Bicycle Council coordinates the National Cycling Strategy and its website contains links to publications, standards/guides, research/results, policy and plans.

Victoria Cycling Strategy

The Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-2028, aims to grow and support cycling in Victoria, making it easier for more people to cycle and to make it safer for people who already ride.

Transport for Victoria also provides information on cycling and VicRoads provides 'Design Guidance for strategically important cycling corridors 2016 [PDF 5.8Mb]'. For additional information about cycling in Victoria, visit Bicycle NetworkCycling Victoria  and the Amy Gillett Foundation.

Explore the Bicycle networks in Victoria.

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