Bikes on buses

The ‘bus your bike’ trial is aiming to improve traffic flow on local roads and give you the option to use more environmentally friendly transport. 

Get on board and bus your bike

What is bus your bike?

In April 2016 we started a 12 month trial of front mounted bike racks on buses across four Victorian bus routes. The on bus bike racks are capable of holding two bikes and will allow passengers to ride to participating bus routes and then catch the bus to continue their journey.

To avoid any delays, please ensure you’ve removed loose items from your bike (e.g. water bottles, bike pumps and helmets) before the bus arrives. When you’re ready, secure your bike on the rack, hop on the bus and pay the standard fare.

Using the bike rack

This video demonstrates how to use the bike rack.


What is the trial about?

The trial is all about getting an idea out there. The idea is that by combining cycling with public transport use we can improve traffic flow, while offering a more environmentally friendly transport option. The trial is also about making sure that we can operate the bike rack system safely and efficiently.

What next?

At the end of the trial, there will be an assessment of how many people used ‘bus your bike’, how it performed and how happy you were with the service. It will be carried out with a view to permanently fit bike racks to buses across the fleet.

Where can I get more info?

For more information on the trial, route details and feedback opportunities please go to the PTV website


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