Biking around Melbourne


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We’re installing 100 kilometres of new and improved bike routes across key inner-Melbourne suburbs to make it easier and safer for people to ride to and from the CBD. Learn more about how you can bike from A to B safely, by following the links below.

Click here to go the Pop-up bike lanes project page

Pop-up bike lanes project

Find out what works are happening near you as part of the pop-up bike lanes project.

Click here for tips on choosing the right bike and equipment

Planning to bike it in

If you’re considering riding your bike around Melbourne, there are a few things to consider. Click here for tips about choosing the right bike and equipment and how to make the right adjustments for you.

Click here for Road Rule Reminders and Safety Tips

Road rule reminders & safety tips

It's important that you give yourself plenty of time to understand the road rules and gain experience before you ride in traffic. If you are a new rider, have purchased a new bike or are getting back onto a bike after a break, refresh your riding knowledge with safety tips and road rules.

Click here for information on Cycling Safely

Cyclist safety

Click here for more information about cycling road rules and how to ride safely and responsibly.

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