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Melbourne Bike Share is a public bike sharing scheme which is sustainable, healthy and community-based. The current Melbourne bike sharing scheme, the first of its kind in Australia, was established in 2010. It consists of 51 stations, 900 docks and over 600 bikes operating in the City of Melbourne and City of Port Phillip. View a map of the current bike share locations.

What is bike sharing?

Bike sharing is when a number of bikes are made available for shared use among individuals who do not own any of the bikes. 

Bike share is growing in popularity globally as a means of public transportation. There are now over 500 bike share programs operating around the world.

How the current Melbourne Bike Share scheme works

Bike users can subscribe for a day, a week or a year. Or you can pay to use for a few hours (the first half hour is free).  

All users of the bikes must wear a helmet. In April 2013, a free courtesy helmet trial was introduced which has proven very successful in increasing usage. The trial has now been adopted as a permanent feature of Melbourne Bike Share and courtesy helmets are placed on bikes across the network. 

The free Spotcycle! companion app lets users locate nearby bike stations for bike and bike dock availabilities and view bike paths. 

What are the objectives of the Melbourne Bike Share? 

The aims of the current scheme are:
  • To support the Victorian Government’s goals for social sustainability within an integrated public transport system 
  • To provide a viable sustainable transport alternative for inner Melbourne 
  • To assist in the promotion of cycling trips under 10km in and around central Melbourne 
  • To extend the reach of the public transport system, particularly at the “destination” end 
  • To aid the promotion and growth of cycling mode share 
  • To assist the State and Local Governments in reaching targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Who operates Melbourne Bike Share? 

RACV currently operates Melbourne Bike Share. Following the recent tender process to operate Melbourne Bike Share, the RACV contract will be extended while further options are explored. 

Under the existing contract with RACV, the option to extend has been exercised as tenders received did not meet requirements for a compliant and successful tender. 

There will be no impact to current subscribers using Melbourne Bike Share. 

Where do other bike share schemes operate? 

Check out other international bike share schemes: 

New York City, New York (External link)

Paris, France

London, UK (External link)

Barcelona, Spain (External link)

Montreal, Canada

Lyon, France (External link)

Milan, Italy (External link)


Where can I get more info? 

For information on the current scheme, go to the Melbourne bike share website (External link).

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