Getting permission for your event

To hold an event or to film on a road in Victoria, you will need to get permission from either VicRoads or the relevant municipal council.


VicRoads is responsible for the management of all major roads and freeways in Victoria (except tollways). If your event will impact a major road you will need to apply for a permit from us. We take into consideration safety, traffic congestion and traffic impacts and effects of all non-road activities.

Municipal councils

If your event only impacts local roads, you should contact the relevant municipal council.

See our Map of Declared Roads page to help you determine the status of the roads involved. As a general guide, VicRoads is responsible for roads coloured green, black and red in a Melway street directory.

Events requiring road rules exemptions

Regardless of the type of road, VicRoads' permission will be necessary if the event requires exemptions from the Road Rules or other laws. For example:

  • parades often require an exemption to allow adult passengers to travel without seat belts.
  • any type of race on a road and any use of modified or specialist vehicles for filming also require VicRoads' permission. If in doubt, you should contact VicRoads to enquire whether exemptions from laws are necessary.

Applying for a permit

For all event and filming applications you will need to complete the non-road activity application form and submit it to the relevant VicRoads metro or regional office.

To ensure that you receive your permit in time, it is important that you provide all the necessary details and documents as soon as possible.

Limitations of permits

The event cannot take place until the necessary permits have been issued, and any required exemptions from laws have been granted.

In extraordinary circumstances (such as an emergency), VicRoads reserves the right to withdraw approval to conduct an event at any time.

VicRoads requires a complete permit application to be submitted at least 60 days before the date of the event.

Application fees

VicRoads may charge an application fee but will waive that fee if the application is for, or on behalf of, a charitable body as defined in regulation 34 of the Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations 2019. However:

  • if an exemption from laws is required, it will usually need to be published in the Victoria Government Gazette. Publication fees apply, and will be charged directly to the event organiser. Details of fees are available at the Victoria Government Gazette website (External link)
  • VicRoads may charge a fee for surveillance of an event to ensure that traffic management is being appropriately undertaken, or to ensure that the road condition is adequate for the event. VicRoads will notify you if such a fee applies to your event. (Fees can be charged under section 123 of the Road Management Act 2004).

Notifying Victoria Police

You will need to notify Victoria Police about the event and you may need to obtain a highway events permit from the police. Please note that Victoria Police requires 2 months' notice for such permits.


If you are unsure about what information you need to provide with your application, refer to our Event application checklist [DOCX, 15 Kb] or contact us to discuss the requirements.

Application to conduct a non-road activity on a highway [PDF 1.3 Mb]

Contact us

For Metropolitan Melbourne area ( Metro South East  and Metro North West Regions):
Email: [email protected]

For rural regions: Contact the respective VicRoads Regional Offices:
Eastern Region; email : [email protected]
South Western Region; email: [email protected]
North Eastern Region; email: [email protected]
Western Region; email: [email protected]
Northern Region: email: [email protected]

VicRoads requires generally a minimum of business days to process a filming application. We understand that sometimes a schedule may change due to unforeseen circumstances. We will always try to accommodate your request, however in some situations this may not be possible.

Read A Guide to Filming on Victorian Roads [DOCX 532 Kb] to gain a full understanding of the guidelines, requirements and process of applying for a permit to film on Victorian roads.

Contact us

Email: [email protected]


If you are unsure about what information you need to provide with your application, refer to our event and filming application checklist [PDF 290 Kb] or contact us to discuss the requirements.

Application to conduct a non-road activity on a highway [PDF 1.3 Mb]

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