Managed Motorways

Melbourne is growing faster than any other city in Australia and to accommodate this growth we’re using world-first technology to make our roads work smarter so that you can get to where you need to be sooner. 

Find out how Melbourne's motorways are getting smarter

See what smart technology exists on Melbourne's motorways and how this technology helps VicRoads to manage your journey

View the managed motorways interactive map portal via the image below.  The map is best viewed using Google Chrome.

Screenshot of the managed motorways map presented on a laptop computer 

By 2020 up to 50% of our trips on the road will happen on freeways. This is why some of our busiest freeways are managed motorways, with smart technology that allows you to get the most out of every square inch of road. 

Variable speed signs, ramp signals, travel time signs, underground sensors and CCTV cameras are all part of a dynamic traffic system that responds in real time to what’s happening on the road at any point in time. 

As we grow to a city of eight million people, we’ll need to accommodate millions of more trips every day. The best way to do this is by managing our freeways as one smart and inter-connected network.

You will see more technology on our busiest freeways over the coming months.

Variable speed signs, entry ramp signals and travel time signs will continue to be rolled out progressively as part of major freeway upgrades in mid to late 2018 at the following locations:

  • Tullamarine Freeway between Bulla Road and Melbourne Airport
  • M80 Ring Road between Sunshine Avenue and the Calder Freeway
  • Monash Freeway – in stages from Warrigal Road to Beaconsfield interchange

Freeway to freeway ramp signals will be rolled out from late June to August 2018 at the following interchanges:

  • M80 Ring Road Greensborough-bound to Calder Freeway city-bound
  • M80 Ring Road Greensborough-bound to Tullamarine Freeway airport-bound
  • M80 Ring Road Altona-bound to Tullamarine Freeway airport-bound
  • M80 Ring Road Altona-bound to Tullamarine Freeway city-bound
  • Calder Freeway city-bound to M80 Ring Road Greensborough-bound
  • Calder Freeway outbound to M80 Ring Road Altona-bound
  • Eastlink to Monash Freeway inbound
  • Eastlink to Monash Freeway outbound


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