Road Access Permits Portal

The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) is making it easier for the traffic management and construction industries to work with us by introducing the Road Access Permits Portal (RAPP).

What is the RAPP?

The RAPP is a new online permit self-service portal that has been created to allow traffic management companies to lodge Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) and Consent for Working Within the Road Reserve (WWRR) permit applications and pay processing fees.

DTP has introduced the RAPP and updated permit application processes so companies can apply, monitor and receive authorised applications to carry out traffic management activities quicker and more easily.

From 17 October 2022, MoA and Consent for WWRR permit applications are to be submitted through RAPP.

RAPP replaces the previous manual application processes and has been designed to make applying for MoA and WWRR permits simpler and more streamlined. It includes a personalised dashboard so you can see the applications you have submitted and the status, manage your account details and make secure payments.

The application process for the following permits has not changed. Please continue to submit applications through the email addresses indicated below:

  • Permits for the following Big Build projects- West Gate Tunnel, Metro Tunnel, NELP and, Melbourne Airport Rail, please email [email protected]
  • Utility/PTV notifications – please email the details to [email protected]
  • Special Events MoA Permits – go here to see who you need to contact
  • MRPV (Major Roads Project Victoria) MoA permits – email [email protected]
  • Land Access Activity Notices – please submit via the relevant regional email address
  • Traffic management companies carrying out works on a council road that doesn’t need DTP MoA authorisation but requires TRIMS or use of certain traffic control devices or signs – please email [email protected]
  • Extensions/Changes to MoA permits previously authorised with an RWE number and is still valid - please email [email protected]

The following project specific WWRR related applications should be sent to:

 How do I use RAPP?

Access RAPP

We’ve created the following materials help you use RAPP:  

  • Training materials - including how to submit an MoA and consent permit application
  • FAQs - including trouble shooting 

How do I register for an account?

Need an account? Please complete the registration form [PDF 285 Kb] and follow the instructions to create an account.

Please note only accredited traffic management companies can apply for an MoA permit to work on a DoT declared road. Access to RAPP is organised as part of the Accreditation process and an individual in each organisation has the ability to create accounts for staff members. Please contact the area within your organisation who manages Accreditation to set up your account or visit the Accreditation program webpage to find out more about how to apply for Accreditation. If you are unsure if your traffic management company has an RAPP account, please email [email protected].

What's new?

Changes from 9 December

Change 1: new column in the submitted dashboard view will show the ‘submitted on’ date for both MoA and WWRR permit applications.  Applicants will be able to calculate the number of business days an application has been in review from the submitted date.

Change 2: RAPP users with a traffic controller account type will have access to view authorised documents in the approval document folder. This change will ensure traffic controllers have access to a digital copy of relevant documents required to implement an MoA permit. 

Reminder: Documents being uploaded to RAPP need to be less than 20 MB. Please make sure you split up any large files if needed and advise your Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) designers.

Find out more

If you need more help or have any further questions, please email the support team on [email protected].

RAPP is part of the Traffic Management Reform (TMR) program, for more information please visit or email [email protected].