About Victoria's toll roads

Find out more about CityLink and EastLink, including how to identify them when travelling and planning your journey.

There are two toll roads in Victoria - CityLink and EastLink. These are both operated by private companies.

What are toll roads and where are they?

Toll roads are roads where you have to pay a fee to travel on them. There are two toll roads in Victoria, each operated by private companies:

  • CityLink provides connections with the Tullamarine, West Gate and Monash Freeways.
  • EastLink connects the Eastern, Monash, Frankston and Peninsula Link freeways.

Victoria’s toll roads are the result of a partnership between the Victorian government and the private sector. This partnership required the private sector companies to design, build, finance and maintain these toll roads. To compensate for their costs and risk they're allowed to charge tolls at specified levels. 

Victorian Tolls Roads map showing CityLink and EastLink toll roads

View larger version of Victorian Toll Roads map

For more information on the CityLink and EastLink legislative and contractual arrangements visit our Agreements & Legislations page.

How to recognise toll roads and plan your travel

Victoria’s toll roads have distinctive blue signs with yellow lettering. You’ll see these signs as you’re approaching a toll road as well as at regular intervals along the toll road itself. These signs may show details about the toll road operator and how to contact them for payment.

Image of a Toll Road sign over the Monash Freeway

Planning and paying for your trip

Plan for your trip

There are multiple tools that allow you to include or exclude tollways when planning your trip. Examples of these tools include:
  • Melways maps (toll roads are shown in blue)
  • Google maps 
  • GPS devices.

Pay for your trip 

You're required to pay a toll when you travel on toll roads. Find out how to pay for your trip.

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