Using toll roads

Find out how to use toll roads and how much it could cost.

Paying for your travel on toll roads

Victoria’s toll roads are maintained and operated by private companies:

The price of your trip will depend on:

  • how far you travel;
  • the type of vehicle you drive; and
  • the type of pass or account you have.

Buying a Pass

A pass is temporary travel offering designed for occasional toll road users. You can buy a pass before you travel or, up to 3 days after you travel on a toll road.

Passes can be purchased online, via phone or in person.  For further details refer links below:


  • EastLink trip passes can be purchased in person at the EastLink Customer Centre, 2 Hillcrest Ave, Ringwood (Opening hours: 9:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays);
  • Additionally, EastLink trip passes can be purchased online here.


It's important to note that CityLink and EastLink offer a variety of passes, more information can be found via the links below:

Opening an account

This option is designed for regular toll road users. 

To open an account, users are generally required to pay an opening deposit towards an account balance, which is then charged as you use the toll roads. 

Tag accounts

In most cases the tag account option is the cheapest way to travel on CityLink and EastLink. Users are required to install an electronic tag device to their vehicle’s windscreen.

This can be used on any toll road in Australia.

Non-tag accounts (Video Accounts)

  • Travel on both CityLink and EastLink
  • does not require installation of a tag images of your vehicle’s number plate are used to identify your vehicle
  • an image processing fee is charged for each trip in addition to the toll

Used a toll road without opening an account?

You are required (by law) to pay tolls when you travel on a Victorian toll road. 

Find out what happens if you don't pay.

How to check if you have any outstanding toll charges

If you recently travelled on a toll road and believe that you may have unpaid toll charges, your options to check are:

  • Search the registration number of the vehicle which was used for travel
  • Speak to a customer service representative by phone
    • Linkt Customer Care: 13 33 31 (7am – 7pm, Monday to Friday) 
    • EastLink Customer Service: (03) 9955 1400 (Business Hours, Monday to Friday)

Keep your contact details up to date

You could miss out on important information if you don't keep your details up to date with VicRoads and your tolling operator.

Updating your address with VicRoads

The details of the registered operator of a vehicle kept by VicRoads will be used in the toll recovery process. This means that if you do not change your address with VicRoads, a tolling invoice or infringement notice may be sent to the wrong address.

Updating your details with VicRoads will not update your account details with Linkt (CityLink) or EastLink.

Updating your address with your tolling operator

If you do not keep your details with your tolling operator up to date you may miss out on important information about your account, which may help you avoid the toll recovery process.

Updating your details with your tolling operator will not update your details with VicRoads. 

I have an interstate Tag Account and want to use a Victorian toll road.

Electronic Tag Devices used on interstate toll roads can be used on the CityLink and EastLink.

Before travelling to Victoria, it is important you:

  • ensure your account is still active;
  • maintain a positive balance on a prepaid account; and
  • ensure that your vehicle's registration number is listed on your account.

I do not have an Interstate Tag Account or temporary pass and want to use a Victorian toll road.

You should contact either Linkt (CityLink) or EastLink to purchase a pass before,  or up to 3 days after you travel on the toll road. Both CityLink and EastLink offer a range of passes which are suitable for occasional users. Failure to do this will result in a request for payment being issued which, if unpaid, may result in an infringement notice being issued.

How do I plan my trip around toll roads?

There are multiple tools which allow motorists to include, or exclude the use of tollways in seeking directions to their nominated destinations. For example, Google Maps or Whereis. In addition, Melways maps highlight the tollways in blue to allow motorists to plan their trips accordingly.

While driving you can identify Victorian toll roads by their distinctive blue and yellow signs. Find out more about how to recognise toll roads and plan your travel in Victoria.

When travelling in a taxi, your driver should give you the choice to use (or not use) a toll road as part of your trip.

If you choose to use a toll road, the applicable taxi tolls will be charged on top of your metered fare. These toll fees will be displayed inside the taxi.

To find out more about taxi travel and toll fees visit the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria


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