Paying tolls

Find out how to pay for your toll road travel and how much it could cost.

Some rental car providers offer toll payment programs. To find out if you're covered by a toll payment program, its terms and conditions, and any additional fees that may apply, ask your rental car provider.

If you're not covered by a toll payment program, we recommend you buy the relevant pass for your toll road travel.

When travelling in a taxi, your driver should give you the choice to use (or not use) a toll road as part of your trip.

If you choose to use a toll road, the applicable taxi tolls will be charged on top of your metered fare. These toll fees will be displayed inside the taxi.

To find out more about taxi travel and toll fees visit the Taxi Services Commission


How to pay for using toll roads in Victoria

Linkt and EastLink don't have toll booths on the roads. To pay for travel you're required (by law) to register your vehicle for tolling. You can do this by buying a pass or opening an account.  

Buying a Linkt or EastLink trip pass

A trip pass is designed for infrequent users and can be purchased beforehand, or up to 3 days after travel.

Passes can be purchased online or at any 7-Eleven, United Petroleum and participating newsagents.

It's important to note that:

For travel on both CityLink and EastLink you can open a short-term non tag account with Linkt, called the Melbourne Pass. Note: Most Linkt passes work on CityLink only.

Opening a Linkt or EastLink account

Important note

  • EastLink accounts don’t have surcharges for credit card and debit card payments.
  • Linkt accounts have surcharges for credit card and debit card payments.
There are two types of accounts available:

Tag accounts  
  • in most cases, the cheapest way to travel on Linkt and EastLink
  • requires the installation of a tag to the vehicle’s windscreen
  • can be used on any toll road in Australia
Non-tag accounts (Video Accounts)
  • offers travel on both Linkt and EastLink
  • there is no need for a tag – images of your vehicle’s licence plate will be used instead
  • an image processing fee is charged for each trip in addition to the toll
  • generally does not cover travel on interstate toll roads

Compare your options

Depending on your travel needs some products may be more appropriate than others. To work out the right product for you, as well as view full terms and conditions of each product:

How much does it cost?

The cost of your trip will depend on:
  • how you choose to pay 
  • where you travel
  • the kind of vehicle you use. 
Find out about vehicle classes – these are the same for Linkt and EastLink  

To estimate the cost of your trip, use the Linkt toll calculator or the EastLink toll calculator.

What happens if I use a toll road without a valid account or pass?

If you don’t register your vehicle for tolling by maintaining a valid account or by buying a relevant pass (a pass can be purchased before or up to 3 days after travel) you may be charged an administration fee or an infringement notice may be issued. 

Find out what happens if you don't pay.

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