What happens if you don't pay?

Find out what happens if you use a toll road without a valid account or pass.

If you travel on a toll road without a valid account or pass (this includes if your account is suspended), the relevant toll road operator will start the toll recovery process. 

Remember, you can buy a pass before or up to 3 days after you travel.

Toll recovery process

1. Toll invoice

The toll road operator will send a toll invoice to the registered operator of the vehicle (the person/organisation recorded with VicRoads). This invoice will include:

  • tolls incurred during travel
  • administrative fees (to cover the cost of your invoice)

2. Overdue notice

If the first toll invoice isn't paid by the due date, the toll road operator will send an overdue notice. This will request the payment of:

  • tolls incurred during travel
  • higher administrative fees (to cover the cost of both invoices)

3. Infringement notice

If no action is taken to settle the overdue notice, the registered operator of the vehicle will be sent an infringement notice by Fines Victoria. An infringement notice will be issued for each day of unregistered travel on each toll road.

Do you have an issue with a toll invoice or fine?

Fines Victoria

If you’ve received an infringement notice, you can:

Tolling Customer Ombudsman

If you're having problems resolving an issue with Linkt or EastLink, you can contact the Tolling Customer Ombudsman for CityLink or the EastLink Customer Advocate for EastLink, to make a complaint or enquiry.

To find out more about this process, visit the Tolling Customer Ombudsman website.

Fine Fixer

Is a free online tool that may assist you to identify and understand your options when you receive an infringement notice.

Visit the Fine Fixer website

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